Naughty Angels AZ

Devilish Desires for Heavenly Bodies

We have never had any problems in the past, but let's remember some of the basics:
  • No means No.  No touching unless you've been invited to do so. No one wants to feel violated and everyone wants to feel in control. If you feel like someone is giving you signals but you’re not sure, go ahead and ask if it’s alright to touch them and begin the fun. There’s almost no chance you’ll ruin the mood with a simple request.
  • Always RSVP, which will allow your host to prepare and organize the event properly. This can be extremely frustrating to a host or hostess...Your assistance will truly save them a lot of wasted time, money, and energy. If you don't plan on coming, make sure you let them know however possible.
    • When arriving at a swinger party, you have to be punctual. Being late is a turn-off and can cause those that are already in the act to feel uncomfortable. If you plan on being late, it may be helpful to notify your host or hostess.
    • Be courteous to others. Behave towards them the way you want others to behave towards you. Always be respectful and mindful of neighbors when attending private parties. Do not be loud or obnoxious when arriving or leaving the party. Make sure you do not block the driveways of neighbors and never throw trash outside any venue. Treat the host or hostess' house with respect by cleaning up after yourself.
    • Do not get drunk. This is a big one. Sometimes we tend to be a little nervous and make use of libations to soothe our nerves. It just isn't fun, sexy or all that arousing so please drink in moderation. 
    • The clothes you wear should be practical and feel comfortable on you.Taking a robe or a negligee with you may also be a great idea. You also want to take just enough money with you and the valuables at home. Losing your personal items at an event can make it embarrassing for both you and the host. Not only that, it makes those that were near you or your lost item feel uncomfortable .
    • Hygiene is very important. Take a nice shower prior to, and make sure you clean your genitals, arm pits, mouth e.t.c. Also keep in mind what you eat may come out from your pores or can be smelled from your breath when speaking. It's highly recommended that you bring gum, for you may also need it if food is provided at the event. 
    • Have fun and don't feel pressured to do anything you're not comfortable with. It's one thing to be open minded but it's another to be pushed into doing things you don't want.
    • Be friendly, smile, engage in conversations with others. You want to be approachable and not stand off-ish. If you are a couple at an event and one of you is too serious, unhappy, or unapproachable, then this will most likely affect your counterpart, and that energy will be felt by all. So don't go with the intention of judging or picking at everything. Go to have fun, be positive, smile and others will totally react to you. You will appear more attractive in their eyes and you'll have a better chance of a happy ending.
    • Prior to leaving make sure you get the names and numbers of encounters made. Don't feel to proud or timid to ask. You need to keep in mind that each person or couple you need may open the door for you to meet 1, 10, 100 or more play mates in the future.